How do we add global filters to big numbers

I have a big number that would show the comparison of two rows current 7 days and previous 7 days of my SQL Output. 

I need to be able to modify the query that the global filter on geo  from the dashboard also applies on big numbers. 


The issue I am facing is that if I do a group by on geo then the number of rows would increase and big numbers donot work

Thanks in advance

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  • Hey Jahnavi !  Can you clarify what you mean by "on geo"?

    Not sure if this applies to your use case, but you should be able to use a regular filter to modify the results used by your Big Number chart - see Filters for more information.

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  • I dont think it works if you are trying to use big numbers with comparison between last and previous values. It only works if the filter is in the last output of the query

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