Create a Calculated Field in Visualizations/Pivot Tables

I'm working with a data set that requires me to combine different columns to create a calculated field that is a simple expression (division, multiplication) of three fields that I pull from SQL. I was wondering if there was functionality in mode to do these calculations without having to revisit the underlying query

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  • Yes, this would be a great feature.  ++

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  • Hi Pedro Alvarez  and Sean Fannan


    Thank you for your post! Calculated Fields isn't currently possible in Mode today. However, this is definitely on our roadmap for this year. With that being said, I've passed along this feedback to our Product Team and will reach back out when this functionality becomes available in Mode.

  • Juliette Gil do you have a timeline for when we can try it out.  It's the end of September, so not much time left :)

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  • Hi there Sean Fannan ! You’re right! We are really close to the end of the year :) As for a timeline, I don’t have an explicit rough timeline for you, but I can let you know that this feature has been prioritized and the assigned team has their eyes on it. Once they have a firm date in place, I would be more than happy to share that with you - so stay tuned :) 

  • Thanks!  Should we expect a beta program for calculated fields in 2019?

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  • This is an absolute must. I asked about this 18 months ago when we first signed up and it still isn't available. Just today I wanted to put a conversion rate in a Big Number, but the report uses filters so the conversion rate needs to be calculated, which is impossible.

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  • Juliette Gil any updates on this functionality? will this be applied to all charts and big numbers?

  • Hi Juliette Gil any update on this. This is a huge issue that seriously limits the flexibility of Mode for end users since it means all rate/filter combos must be calculated in advance in the SQL query. 

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  • Hi all! 👋

    While we don’t have an exact ETA due to unforeseen use cases that may cause even further delays, this is something the engineering and product teams are actively iterating through. I'd be happy to follow up with you all as soon as we are told a release date. 

  • Juliette Gil I don't want to be part of a pile-in here, but this feels really basic and users are clearly waiting for this. Looking through the release notes for the last 6 months I don't really feel like there is much velocity at all - there is still so many basic things that are poor - I mean, pivot tables lol

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  • hi Juliette Gil - this is a big issue for me as well. do you think this is something that will occur in 2020? 

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