Is it possible to search Mode queries based on exact string match?

A particular table is about to undergo a change in one of our databases.  I need to assess the impact of that table change, so I would like to find all mode queries that use that table.

I searched mode as shown in the image.  But that seems to do fuzzy matching, because most of the results returned don't actually include that table anywhere.

Is it possible to search based on exact string match?

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  • Hi Kirby - thanks for writing in.

    The easiest way to scan all of the reports in your Mode organization to determine if this table is being used is to sync your Mode organization to a GitHub repo, clone that repo onto your computer, and use your favorite text editor to search through all of the SQL code of the reports in your organization for the table name. 


    On our help site, we have a detailed guide where you can learn about how to sync your Mode organization with Github


    Hope that helps! Please do let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Hi Jonathan !

    You're right - that would work really well!  Unfortunately that's only applicable to accounts on the Mode Business plan.  (As of this writing, least.)  

    For now, we've written a script that pulls down all report queries, and we can do the string search from there.

    Thanks for the reply!

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