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Hi all,

I'm in the process of building a dashboard which is comprised entirely of custom visualizations, ie no off-the-shelf Mode stuff (I'm not using any of the alamode stuff, either). I've managed to get some filters to kinda-sorta work, but not really. Is there some code I need to add in order to apply filters to my custom visualizations? Is this even possible? Is it documented anywhere? Thanks! 

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  • Hey  Ishmael Hallin ! Very cool that you're building a completely custom dashboard. At this time, Filters do not affect Python outputs or custom visualizations. Happy to put this in as a feature though and circle back if we have updates! Curious to know if you're willing to share, what types of visualizations are you building? 


    Here's a doc on our Filters:

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  • Hi Jennifer,

    Yes, it would be great if filters could interact with all data on the page, rather than just the default visualizations — even just an under-the-hood look at what operations are performed on the underlying data when a filter gets updated would be helpful. 

    As for what type of visualizations I'm building, I have a few different types in place, but the main use case is building a hierarchical bar chart that visualizes spend data and allows the user to drill down to various levels (a modified version of Mike Bostock's example here). As the user drills down to different levels, the other visualizations on the page (like time series, etc.) are updated to reflect the current context of the drilldown.

    The use case for filters is as follows: we have certain dimensions (like spend by facility) that sit outside of the hierarchy and cut across it instead. Having the ability to use Mode's filters to apply these cuts would be very useful and would allow us to satisfy a number of needs. I think we can achieve the same result using parameters, but since there are several long-running queries on the page this approach isn't very usable. In the interim, I may look at building custom filters using D3 that achieve the same result.  

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  • Hi,

    Any update on this? Are we able to filter python data plots using the "Filters"?



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