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Hello All,

I am working on Mode SQL tutorial and wanted to experiment with SQL Data Functions ( Add, Date Part, etc ) and keep having errors in my queries related to DATE_EXTRACT function not being recognized as a valid function. I am able to run the sample queries with this function but against modeanalytics database. Any idea what needs to be done to resolve my tutorial issues?

Thanks for any help provided.



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  • I am facing the same issue, & the documentation and sample queries do not cover this. Waiting eagerly for this answer.

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    • Jonathan Krangel
    • Director - Head of Customer Success @ Mode
    • Jonathan_Krangel
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hi Vladimir Agajanov and Ruchita Garde ,

    Thanks for writing in. Dates in SQL can be quite tricky! I'm not exactly sure what specific challenges you're both running into, but I think what may be going on here is that the function you're looking for is EXTRACT, rather than DATE_EXTRACT.

    Here is an article that explains how to use EXTRACT with dates:


    Hope that helps - please do reach out to our success team via in-product chat or success@modeanalytics.com if we can be of further assistance. Thanks!

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  • online Welookups sql  programming tutorial is https://welookups.com/sql/default.html

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