Showing parameter options in Report Builder


I added dynamic parameters via a form in my SQL query, but I'm unsure of how to get a dropdown with the parameters in the Report Builder. Do I have to write HTML for it?




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  • Hi Niranjan, thanks for reaching out!! One thing to note: you cannot see the parameter forms in the Report Builder. Instead, add your parameter code to one or more queries and then click "View" in the report header. Assuming the parameter form code is valid, you should see the form added to the top of your report. You can also learn more about parameters here

    If you run into any issues using parameters, please feel free to open a ticket with our success team via in-product chat or you can send an email directly to This will allow us to look at your metadata and ask you additional questions to further assist this matter, thanks!

  • Great, will do. Thank you! One more question, the name, value pair in the forms are not populated using unique values from the dataset right? I'll need to SELECT distinct just for that

  • Yes, that's correct!

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