CSV export link sends 'run not completed'


I followed the instructions here for csv export : https://mode.com/help/articles/embeds/#csv-and-pdf-export


I do get the csv report download with the returned link, but sometimes when I use the link I get this: 

  id: "not_found",
  message: "run has not completed
  _links: {}
  help: {}
  href: "https://help.modeanalytics.com"

How do I get the download to work as is, instead of seeing the above error? Ideally, the link should not be returned until the report is ready for download.



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  • Hey Sheryl John ! This error indicates that the report run has not completed at the time the CSV request is made.

    As a solution, you'll need to add some logic in your code that tests whether the report run has completed. Check out this GitHub gist that shows how.

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