Is it possible to add URLs to a Table Chart?

Previously, it was possible to add URLs to a Table Result to display in Report View. For example, see this Mode Report. However, it seems that the Table Result is now deprecated and the way to display a Table is now via a Chart.

However, this makes 


deprecated. I think this may also be covered as an issue here: but in the mean time is there anyway to add URL links to my table in report view?

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  • Nevermind, I realized Mode added the URL option as a drop down in the "Table" chart. So when you create a "Table", click on the column to highlight. In the top right there's a drop down to format, and one of the options is URL.

    This is actually pretty neat and way easier than it was before. One drawback is that the column has to be a text of URL, you can't add hyperlinks to shortened text, but that's OK for my purposes.

  • In alamode library, you are able to pass an ID into a URL and create a link in that column. Can we still do this with the new table format? 

  • Bumping on this; it seems to me like this is a feature regression.

    What I'd really appreciate is to have *both*:

    - conditional formatting in a table [ie the "new" table now identified with a `chart_` prefix], as would be provided by `alamode.customizeTable`

    - links in the *same* table without having to explicitly display the URL, just as provided by `alamode.addLinksToTables`

    With the updated charts, the above items are mutually exclusive :(

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