execute dynamic sql in Mode

I'm thinking of making a dash that has a parameter containing a list of table names (snapshots, tables with same name plus date), and when one of the parameters is selected, to run a select from the table name chosen. Basically I need to utilize dynamic sql. I was thinking of putting the execute in a stored procedure. I tried it out but Mode says no permission to call a stored procedure. Is there a work around to do what I want to do in Mode? 

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  • Hi Susan,

    This is not possible in Mode at the moment. However, you can call a saved SELECT statement/stored procedure which is defined as a definition. Here is the help guide on how to set up definitions: https://mode.com/help/articles/definitions/#create-a-definition.  

    Can you please share a bit more on your use case here? Is this for sharing purposes or for your own convenience? Please feel free to open a ticket with our success team via in-product chat or you can send an email directly to success@modeanalytics.com. This will allow us to ask you additional questions to further assist this matter, thanks!

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