Post-Processing data before plotting


I'd like to post-process the data I get from an SQL query in Python (or, if that's easier, in Javascript) and then plot the resulting data using the normal Mode Analytics plotting facilities. I could plot the charts in Python, but then they don't fit stylistically with the other charts in the report and I lose the nice tooltip thing the normal charts do when I hover on them.

Ideally I would like to treat the pandas dataframe I produce just like a table I get from running a query.

Is this possible, or do I have to fall back on plotting everything in Python?

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  • Hi Adrian -

    Charting python results using Mode's native charting UI is not currently supported, but it is definitely something we've heard requests for before. I'll add a "+1" from you for that on our feature request board.

    In the meantime, I would recommend checking out the Plotly library for python (more info on importing Plotly Offline into Mode's python notebook available here). It has some nice tooltips and allows for a lot of customization, so you can make charts that don't look out of place alongside Mode's native charts.

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  • +1 to Python DataFrame --> Mode Native DataViz  🙂

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