Why doesn't my reports update?


We have some of the reports on our screens at the office showing everyone the most recent numbers (I thought at least).

I've set up a schedule making the report update once every day at 4AM in the night so that when everyone arrive to the office the displays should be updated. However, they don't update?

I tried it on my computer as well, they do not update. When I in the morning go to the tab where I have the report open it just says that it was run a couple of hours ago, but the data is not updated to the most recent one. It does tell me that it is a newer run of the report and ask me to make a new run to update.

So why doesn't my report update automatically with the latest data when I've set up a schedule?

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  • Hi Andreas -

    Are you displaying this report using the "Fullscreen" option from the report view page?

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  • Joel Carron Yes of course!

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  • Andreas - thanks for reporting. I've alerted our dev team and I'll follow up when we have an update.

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  • hi Andreas Rolén ! The issue where dashboards don't autorefresh has been resolved. Please let me know if you are still seeing problems! 

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  • Hello  Jennifer Chu ! Great, I'll have a look during next week!

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  • Hello Jennifer Chu !

    Our dashboard which is running in Firefox 45.9 on a Raspberry Pi (I think it is version 2) does not auto update. Our report with this ID: football_addicts/reports/2b261b11b40e did update on my Macbook, but not on the Raspberry Pi. The dashboard on the Raspberry Pi was running in fullscreen mode.

    How do I solve this issue? I'm a bit tired of connecting to the Raspberry Pi EVERY DAY to update these dashboards manually by clicking on the "Run now" button. 

    This was one of the main reasons why we bought Mode Analytics, and this key feature does not work...... 

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  • hi Andreas ! Can you reach out to via chat so we an look into this a bit more?  

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