CSV fie importdirectly

I am new to Mode. Is there a way we can import csv file without connecting to any db 

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  • Hi srinivasan ramaswamy - thanks for writing in.

    Currently there are a number of options that you can use to explore your own CSV data using Mode:

    1) Upload to the Mode Public Warehouse - Mode hosts a free PostgreSQL database that you can upload CSV data to. Note that all data in the Mode Public Warehouse is queryable by anyone with a Mode account, so it's not a good fit for sensitive data. More info here: https://help.modeanalytics.com/articles/data-sources/#mode-public-warehouse

    2) Upload to Google Sheets and connect to Google BigQuery - With some configuration you can use your CSVs uploaded to Google Sheets as the underlying data for an instance of Google BigQuery. More info here: https://help.modeanalytics.com/articles/database-specific-connection-information/#use-bigquery-to-query-google-sheets

    The above options carry some limitations/complexity, so we are in the process of investigating additional ways to enhance our product to make this process easier.

    Hope that helps - please do reach out to our success team via in-product chat or success@modeanalytics.com if we can be of further assistance. Thanks!

  • Jonathan Krangel is this still the case? Is this still how one would upload data from a .csv? I assume if I had Excel data I would save as a .csv or copy it into Google Sheets and proceed with the steps. Is that correct?

  • Jonathan Krangel replying just so that this get's seen. Super interested in a how for this as well. Thanks!

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