CSV fie importdirectly

I am new to Mode. Is there a way we can import csv file without connecting to any db 

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  • Hi srinivasan ramaswamy - thanks for writing in.

    Currently there are a number of options that you can use to explore your own CSV data using Mode:

    1) Upload to the Mode Public Warehouse - Mode hosts a free PostgreSQL database that you can upload CSV data to. Note that all data in the Mode Public Warehouse is queryable by anyone with a Mode account, so it's not a good fit for sensitive data. More info here: https://help.modeanalytics.com/articles/data-sources/#mode-public-warehouse

    2) Upload to Google Sheets and connect to Google BigQuery - With some configuration you can use your CSVs uploaded to Google Sheets as the underlying data for an instance of Google BigQuery. More info here: https://help.modeanalytics.com/articles/database-specific-connection-information/#use-bigquery-to-query-google-sheets

    The above options carry some limitations/complexity, so we are in the process of investigating additional ways to enhance our product to make this process easier.

    Hope that helps - please do reach out to our success team via in-product chat or success@modeanalytics.com if we can be of further assistance. Thanks!

  • Jonathan Krangel is this still the case? Is this still how one would upload data from a .csv? I assume if I had Excel data I would save as a .csv or copy it into Google Sheets and proceed with the steps. Is that correct?

  • Jonathan Krangel replying just so that this get's seen. Super interested in a how for this as well. Thanks!

  • Jonathan Krangel This is an important feature. Is there any update on this?

  • Hi, Marc-Antoine Gosselin We currently only support uploading CSV's that can be used as public data or uploading the data to Google Sheets and connect to Google BigQuery. In the meantime, I'll relay your urgency to the feature request! We will reach out if we are able to implement this in a future release.

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