Feature request: Skip sending scheduled report if row count = 0

If a scheduled report runs, but returns zero rows, don't send it.  It's probably not useful to send anyway, and it opens up all sorts of "alert" use cases that are inconvenient now.

If sending reports with no rows does turn out to be commonly useful, perhaps make a checkbox on the setup of a scheduled report for "Send report even if query returns no rows" or similar.

I imagine building out a whole rules engine around whether to send or not would be challenging, but this simple version allows you to get almost all of the value, and the query itself is telling you whether it has something worth saying or not.

DBT does something similar in their data tests; success and failure are based on whether rows come back from the specified query.

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  • Hey there, Eshan!

    Yes, Mode presently sends an email even if the report results return zero rows. However, I can totally see why implementing your idea might be helpful in certain circumstances. So I'm happy to send your request over to the engineering team. Please know that we are always looking for ways to make Mode even more useful for you (and for us!) 

    Click the link to see what I would consider to be the closest workaround that we have for taking action when a query result contains certain data. And then also, here's more info on sharing and scheduling in Mode.

    We'll make sure to reach out to you if we are able to support your feature request in a future release of Mode. 

    Have a good one! 

  • I would like to see this feature, too.

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