Sorting broken in pivot tables?

Created a pivot table

1st. Column has text

2nd and 3rd Column is numbers

Report is sorted alphabetically by the first column. 

Sort by 2nd column, descending, no change to the search order

Change the format to "numbers"

No change. 



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  • Hey Bart , I believe the product is behaving as intended for nested headers. If you have multiple fields applied to the Rows/Columns quadrant, the way we do sorting in nested headers is by grouping: if you choose to sort values in a field down in the tree, those values will only sort within the grouped-by branch higher up the tree, which is by design. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns about this!

  • That's odd. Why would the option to sort the columns be there if it doesn't work?

  • Bart Myers  They still work, but only in the context of the nested columns. I do understand the confusion though, and I'll chat with the product team to see if we can make this a bit clearer.

  • Another related issue - We have created a pivot table with a date column as the first column. It defaults to ascending. I can't reverse it to descending. It won't save the sort. 

  • Hey Bart , when you say "it won't save the sort", are you referring to when you sort the column in the pivot table editor, it won't persist when you go to the report builder? 

  • Hi there, similar question / request. I'd like to be able to sort based on the numbers column at the end of the pivot table. Instead, I'm only able to sort alphabetically by the first field (I've noticed Mode seems to like sorting alphabetically 🙂).

    Any assistance in sorting by the Totals column as shown below would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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  • Hi Greg !  Mode Pivot Tables can't sort by the totals column at the moment.  We've had requests to allow pivot tables to sort by the total column so it is being considered.  I'll make sure we notify you when this feature becomes available.  Thanks!

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  • Donna McGahan Any update on the ability to sort by totals column?

  • I am experiencing a similar issue as it relates to sorting pivot tables; I can sort within editing (switch from ascending to descending), but I don't see a way to have it save this way so that my embedded reports (pivot tables) show with the sorting that I prefer.

  • Hi  Karen Gonyea ,


    Thanks for your response! We do not currently have a way for the sorting that you apply to the pivot table in the chart editor page to persist to the report view page. The report viewer basically will have to indicate their desired sorting by interacting with the pivot table on the report view page. Happy to add this as a feature request though! Let me know if you have any further questions at all!

  • It seems fairly clear that the pivot tables are really basic. I haven't been able to use them in any situation because they are so limiting. The beauty of a pivot table in other platforms are there versatility. It seems strange to offer such a poor version as one of the charting options

  • roberto salcido  I would like to add another request for sorting via the total column.

    I am quite surprised this is not already available and little things like this are causing folks in my company to move to more established visualization SW.

  • Hey Mike Mueller , thanks for writing in, and sorry to hear that! I've gone ahead and added your voice to this request. 

    If you have any other feature requests in mind, we'd love to hear those too. Every customer voice counts toward how we prioritize our future releases! 

  • roberto salcido   Nate Festinger I'd also like to add in a product request for this feature! 

  • +1 for me on this. I would like to be able to sort on the "Totals" column of a pivot table.
    Another two requests: 
    - I would like to be able to download pivot tables to cvs, like query results
    - I would like to be able to color pivot table blocks by their content

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