Wildcards and LIKE problem

Hi everyone!

I need some help! In this query, I'm sure that some names end with 's', but it returns No rows returned. Is there another way to use LIKE in MODE?


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  • Hey Bryan Arévalo , Mode sends your query as a string to your database as-is, so I'm guessing this issue is probably related to your database and not to Mode. 

    To diagnose this, can you run this same query in your native query environment and see if you get a different result?

  • It seems like the dataset is fine. I use the LENGTH function and it is counting fine. I thought that maybe there was a space at the end of each name but no. What else can I do? I appreciate your help.

  • Bryan Arévalo , what are the results when you run this query in your native query environment?

  • Nate Festinger I use the same data in DB Brower for SLQ Lite and I get names that end with s. I don't know what else can be the problem. Thanks for your help.!

  • Hey Bryan Arévalo can you write into in-product chat about this so we can further help debug?

    You can do so by clicking the question mark at top-right of the product.

    Thank you!

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