import chartify?

I'd like to use Chartify for data visualization:

Is it possible to import this into Mode python notebooks?

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  • Hi Boaz Gurdin,


    Thanks for writing in today! The Mode Notebook does support the installation of publicly available libraries. Please see this help doc that outlines how to install the library and the limitations to installing libraries into the Notebook. 

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  • Jonathan Rosario Thanks!

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  • Jonathan Rosario The import worked, but unfortunately I'm not able to show charts.

    When I try the examples from their GitHub, shows proper output in the Mode python notebook, but doesn't show anything, so I can't see any charts.

    Any ideas? Are you able to show charts?

    Is it possible to install chromedriver in the Mode environment to try their PNG output?

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  • I suspect that it's not possible to use Chartify because it is built upon Bokeh, and the docs note:


    IMPORTANT: Public package management systems may include R or Python packages that are not supported by Mode’s current Notebook architecture, including interactive libraries like Bokeh.


    Would be great if Mode could support Chartify, to enable easier data visualization.

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