Using filters with R notebook output


Is there a way that I can use filters (or parameters, if that's a better option) with charts created via an R notebook.

My use case workflow:

I create a sql query to get the data and then I use the R notebook to do a bunch of data cleaning and then create a chart using ggplot. However, I can't find a way to filter the chart that I created in the report builder. 

If not possible, is there a way to pull the data output created from the notebook back into the sql query?

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  • Hi Rika Gorn

    Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, filters don't currently work with Notebook elements and only work with Mode native charts. Sorry about that! I can see how this can be handy, though! This is a very popular feature request here at Mode, so we're definitely considering this for a future release. To that end, I will certainly add your request to the conversation and I will also keep you in the loop regarding when filters for Notebook charts are available to be used in Mode.

    In the meantime,  you can certainly use parameters ( with R results though. As the data from your query changes based on parameters, R notebook also updates. 

    Here's an example report that does this:

    I also want to mention that there isn't a way to pull the data back into the SQL editor from the Notebook. It is a popular feature request and is on the radar for our Product Team. I'll be happy to add your vote to that request as well. 

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  • Thanks Juliette! Definitely appreciate you adding my requests to the docket. I will give the parameters a try and see how it goes. 

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