Access Query Parameters in Python Notebook?

Hello -

Is there anyway to access query parameter selections from a Python Notebook?

i.e. I'd like to read the string value of the parameter and use that to update chart labels in the Python notebook.

Thank you,

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  • Hi Matthew !  This is possible. You need to add the parameter to your SELECT statement so the selected parameter is in the Python dataset.  Here's one example report that does this:

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  • Donna McGahan That's a wonderful hack, thank you!

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  • Matthew Isanuk Do you by any chance have your final queries to share? I have attempted to do something similar, but when I try and run a separate query just to load the parameter (as in the example) it errors out.

    Donna McGahan Any thoughts on the below as well?

    For more context, here is the query:

    SELECT {{customer}} AS customer_key;

    And here is the parameter:

      type: select
      default: '* All Customers'
        values: CUSTOMER_KEY
        labels: CUSTOMER_KEY

    The specific error returned is:

    SQL compilation error:
    syntax error line 1 at position 9 unexpected 'All'.

    So, to my mind, it gets as far as replacing the {{customer}} parameter with '* All Customers' but then hiccups there, disliking something.

    I did try removing the "*" character as the default but that made no difference. I have tried with this query in the same query as the parameters, and also on its own. No difference.

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  • Robby ,


    Give this a try?  I think you need single quotes:

    SELECT '{{customer}}' AS customer_key;
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  • Donna McGahan Thank you!!!!!! AS ALWAYS you are so incredibly fast with responses. That worked!

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  • Awesome!  

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