How do you handle editing dashboards that are in use?

I have a number of dashboards that are used frequently.  When I want to edit them, I don't want to take a chance of breaking something by changes to the live dashboard.  Instead, I want to clone the report and make my changes there, so I'm not interrupting everyone's work.  But once I am done, how can I switch the users over to the new report?  My users access the reports by link ... can I somehow transfer or redirect the link to the new report?

I asked customer support and they sent me an article about GitHub, but I don't see how that helps me.  I don't need to track my changes, but I do need to get everyone on my new report once I'm done.  I'm not seeing how to do that in GitHub -- it seems like it does something else entirely.

What do other people do?  Do you make changes on the live dashboards?  Or issue new links everytime there is a change?  Or?

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  • Would also love to know how other's handle it? 

    We're about to start publishing White-Label embed reports and to be changing those whilst people use it would be super risky!

    I can only think of cloning a report, working on a clone, then swapping the report to the final variant, but this seems cumbersome.

  • Hey Michal Szczesny  and Tara Harwood ! Right now, the recommended workflow for pre-publish report editing is to:

    clone report ->
    make edits ->
    move cloned version to production space [-> if WLE,
    replace WLE URL in your app with the new cloned version ]

    As regards GitHub, I don't see how it would currently be applicable to this kind of workflow.

    Improvements to this workflow is something our Product Team is aware of, and I'm happy to add your voices to that!

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    Nate Festinger  My problem is that my execs were navigating straight to the report through a URL -- not a WLE, but the internal link I get from the Share menu.  I can't switch out that URL, right? 

    So now I have to make a Space for each individual report (bc the execs don't want to have to choose the right report!) and then I give the link to the Space, rather than direct the report.  It costs everyone an extra click now, since they have to first go to the Space, and then click on the single report it contains.  I find this really annoying, but it is better than trying to tell everyone there is a new link every time I make a change, and much better than trying to edit production reports.  If there is any way that I could switch a internally shared link from an old report to the newest version, that would be fab.  Happy to explain more if I'm not making sense.

  • This is a big issue for us as well. Changing the URL is out of the question for our use cases (engineering team implements WLE, execs want to know exactly where to find their reports, etc.). Our only option right now is to update production reports in-place, which we view as incredibly risky.

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  • We have noticed the same issue. In addition, we are noticing that if more than one developer is modifying the report, changes made by another developer can be lost.

    The workflow for report modification and post initial release support needs improvement

  • Same problem found here. When there are multiple people making report changes usually the info that'd been left before the very last change vanishes...

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