is supported in the python notebook


I am trying to create some of these graphs in here: and wondering if is supported. I see that plotly is supported but when I tried running this statement  "import as px", it returned SyntaxError: invalid syntax so wondering.



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  • Hi Ngoc Hoang , is currently not supported. That said, our team is currently working on updating our Plotly python version!

    Also, as a future reference, you can find the latest version of our supported libraries within the help docs. 😃 Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns! 

  • Hi Francisco Mosqueda , thanks for your reply. Is there an option in Mode to do a map like the first one in this site:




  • Francisco Mosqueda This is pretty close to what I am looking for:


    Is there a way to add a functionality to hover over to the heat area and it shows details? 



  • Hi Ngoc Hoang Unfortunately, we do not have any example reports with that functionality. I was able to find a similar report to the chart you shared above:

    I hope that helps! 

  • Hi Francisco Mosqueda , this is great, 1 last question. I see this block of code in the HTML


    <mode-python id="python_2604adde4789" options="python_options"></mode-python>


    how do I find the id of the python notebook in the dashboard that I am working on?



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  • Hi Ngoc Hoang ! 

    You can find the <mode-python> tag and the ID via the HTML editor, which you can open up in the Report Builder like so:

     If you have a whole bunch of Python charts, the order of the mode-python tag in the HTML code will be identical to how your python elements are laid out in the report. 

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