How to format Temp Table Statements

I realize this is an older thing now, but I'm new to mode and very interested in the Temp Table idea. But I can't find any information on the specifics of how to use it. 

First question, can it be used if I have Read-Only database access ? This is really what I want as this is what I have...


Second, if the first question is true, I'm getting errors in my attempts to format the query. 

What is the proper format?

SELECT * INTO TEMP TABLE temp1 FROM real1 doesn't seem to work on my end. 


Appreciate any help. 

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  • Hi Daniel Gurzi ,

    Thanks for reaching out! So the first question depends on the configuration settings and permissions that your native database has in place. Can you let me know what exact error message you see when attempting to run that example query?



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  • Yes. Thank you. They are all syntax errors and that I should check the manual. Depending on how I'm phrasing the attempt the error seems to come around the TABLE or TEMP TABLE phrase. 

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