Copy to clipboard now only copies first 100 rows

I noticed as part of the UI improvements recently, that the "copy" button now only returns the first 100 rows (or whichever page of results you're currently viewing).

Being able to copy an entire table for quick pasting into Google Sheets was one of my favorite Mode features, as it saves the hassle of exporting to CSV, then importing into Sheets, then remembering to get rid of the CSV file cluttering your desktop. I never had an issue copying tables with thousands of rows. 

Is the copy first 100 rows thing by design (if so, what problem is it solving)? If not, please restore the copy button functionality to copying the whole result set, thanks!

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  • Hey Austin King , this is a change we made with the introduction of Helix, our new data engine powering Mode. Before Helix, all of the results from your SQL queries were downloaded to the browser, and that Copy button you're highlighting would then attempt to put whatever was in your browser onto the clipboard. (Sadly, we know it would often fail, too!)

    Now, thanks to Helix, Mode Business and Enterprise customers can run queries that return up to tens of millions of rows, which we can't download to the browser all at once. The grid that displays your SQL query results currently loads in 100 records at a time; clicking that arrow to turn the page sends a request to Helix, asking for the next page of data.

    We understand the value of being able to copy more than 100 records at a time and are now working on possible solutions that aren't constrained to whatever page of data you have in view in your SQL query results grid. Thanks for your feedback and patience as we work through this -- we'll keep you posted!

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  • Mike DeCarlo thanks for the explanation - I'm definitely noticing that things are running quite a bit snappier lately. I can imagine that the copy button would cause problems with massive datasets, but I've never encountered problems copying a table with up to a few thousand rows (nor would I want to copy something that huge).

    Hopefully a workaround is identified soon, but in the meantime keep up the great work. 

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  • Mike DeCarlo With Helix out, are we likely to see more velocity with improvements to the core reporting features? Seems like hardly anything has been released over the last 12 months and I'm guessing the data engine upgrade has been the priority?

  • Hi Rob Green , yes, Helix has been a big priority for the team recently. Now that it's generally available, we're looking to prioritize in-demand and powerful features in the visualization system as we go about planning for the upcoming quarters. 

  • Thanks for the fix!

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