Multiple filter on same column

Hi All,

I have an situation here. I have two tables (Tab-1 & Tab-2)

I need to pull the records from Table1 whose Status = 'S' and ApplicationID in Table1 should match with the ApplicationID in Table2 Where Table2.Type <>'o' and Table2.Status<>'X' and Table2.Status IN ('A','I'). 

In Table2, for Status columns i have values like X, A, I, T, N.

I need only the applicationID where Status has only 'A' or/and 'I' from Table2

Can someone please help.

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  • Hi Jomy Joy , this can be achieved using a subquery, such as in the following: 

    SELECT *
    FROM table1
    WHERE application_id IN (
        SELECT application_id
        FROM table2
        WHERE type <> 'o'
        AND status IN ('A', 'I')
    AND status = 'S';

    Take a look at Writing Subqueries in SQL to learn more about what this code is doing!

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