How do I find a fine Python development company?


I hope that it's a good place to post this question... 

I'm planning to develop my own website and some friend of mine recommended using Python for that. I'm not a developer myself at all, but I'm planning to hire a company for the project. The website will be for a community of local photographers and the main issue is to organise their communication effectively: I want the site to have chatboxes/messengers, I want to post the latest news in photography and to have this like/dislike feature... And I'd also want just to discuss what can be implemented and maybe the professionals could share their opinion about the project on the whole..

The problem is that I totally have no idea of how to choose a Python development company. I understand that there are plenty of those today, so I'd be happy if you point me the direction.

Thanks a lot!

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  • For sure you chose a bit strange place to ask this question... As far as I can say from the details that you've described, it's totally possible to implement such a website with the help of Python. However, I can't tell you that I'm 100% sure as maybe you want some other features that you don't mention. 

    And I have to say that you've made the right decision to work hire a company, not a single developer, as you'll need somebody who would manage the project. 

    Here's a good article about choosing a Python company:

    Good luck!

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  • Zachary Griffiths, thanks a lot for the materials, really useful and I found out a lot of good information for myself. 

    And I forgot to mention that we're planning to outsource the development. Maybe you also happen to know some Python outsourcers who could actually agree for such a project?

  • Olivia Bevan, I'm not that experienced in terms of outsourcing. Personally, I know only one Python software development company I could recommend. They're fine guys. However, remember to check their portfolio, references and legal terms before you start any kind of relationship.

    Best of luck to you with the site!

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  • There are lots of companies in Delhi NCR for Python Development Companies. Check out these companies for Data Analytics With Python



    IBM and many more.

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