Consistent legend colors across all charts

Hi, I'm creating a dashboard with several charts that are on different time intervals. One is spot in time and the other is over a historical period. As a result, there are categories of data that show up in the historical chart that do not show up on the spot in time chart, which causes the colors to be different on different category values when applying a color scheme. 

  1. What I'd like to be able to do is assign color values by specific stage names, and have these colors apply across all charts (for example: Discovery = Green, Pre-Opportunity = purple, Solution Presentation = Blue, Solution Value = Yellow, Negotiation = teal). 
  2. Separate but related, is it possible to rearrange the order of items in a legend?

Any help would be appreciated!

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  • HI Anthony Palacio , sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for writing into the forum.

    Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to manually assign colors in a chart. That said, this functionality has also been requested by some of our other customers as well, and it's definitely on the roadmap for a future release. We will keep you in the loop when this functionality is available to be used in Mode!

    In the meantime, a workaround here would be to use our Python/R Notebook, where you can control the colors in a series. 

    Please see the following example reports for reference:

    You can view the Python code for the above examples by clicking View Details -> Notebook.

    Just for general context, this is how currently determine series order:

    #1 By order of appearance of the series
    Lets say where your x-axis is months, and you have a stacked bar chart, if only one series appears in month 1, it will be at the top of the list. And by the same logic, if one series only appears in month 2, it will be the second series.

    #2 Alphabetical
    After evaluating the appearance order of the series, it will then rank them alphabetically. If all of the series appear at the first month, then they'll just be alphabetized. The important thing here is that alphabetical order isn't the same thing as numerical order. So if a category is called "100", it will appear before a category called "2", because the first character (1) comes before (2), the same way Apple would come before Bee.

    Let me know if you have any further questions at all - thanks!

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  • Any updates on the roadmap status for this? You lose the click through with the notebook workaround which is almost worse then not being able to control the color assignment. We do a lot of reporting on categorical fields (pipeline stage, RAG health, etc) across teams and not having this functionality is starting to become a real problem. I've had to fall back to using Tableau for a number of dashboards as a result. 

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  • I'd love to have this as well. My ugly work around is putting numbers before the legend names and it's unbearable.

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  • Hi Ryan Dunlap

    I apologize, at this time we don't have a finite timeline for the release of this feature. Our Product Team is consistently working on the list of requested features and when this feature is released, I will update this post. 

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