Dropdown with a search function

Is there a possibility to make a dropdown with a search function?

I have created a dropdown function following the dynamic parameters https://blog.modeanalytics.com/new-dynamic-parameters/

I would like to combine this with the text parameter. 

Meaning that when I start to write a keyword then the dropdown will only show the alternatives that includes the keyword. 

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  • Hi Anna,

    Thanks for writing in! We do currently offer this functionality for Multiselect parameters, whose user interface also includes a field for filtering the selections. Can you use a Multiselect parameter to achieve the result you want?


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  • Hi, 

    Yes I got this to work, the issue I have is that I have more than 1000 options to choose from. 

    I also would also like to link 2 parameters to each other. I will give a concrete example

    I have one multiselect parameter "countries" (7 options)
    and and other multiselect parameter "city" (over 1000 options)

    I have 2 cases

    1. when I look at all countries i should be able to see all city options. (in this case i will not)
    2. when I look at 1 or 2 countries i should only be able to see the citys in those countries. 

    previously I had select parameter for "countries" and a dymanic parameter for cities then case both worked. But then I miss the search function and to multiselect

    is there hope?

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  • Hi  Anna Kröhnke ,

    Glad to hear the multiselect is working for your use case.

    In regards to linking parameters, this is absolutely possible! One parameter's definition can reference another parameter's value. To accomplish this, you'd want to:

    1) Define your countries parameter
    2) Create a dynamic parameter for cities whose SQL references the countries parameter, likely within a WHERE ... IN clause

    To get a better idea of how this would be implemented, you can view this example report.

    Note that whenever you modify the selected countries in your report, you'll need to re-run the report to repopulate the cities multiselect, since its contents are dynamically generated by a database query.


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  • Hi ,

    i think that I understand but now I get error i the code when i run the equivalence of "param-countries" from the sample report.

    Error I assume occur from the previus multiselect with inserts all options in {{}}. 

    I assume that the error id due to special characters, In my dataset I have seen that - _ ! £ and other special characters has been used. 
    So my question this time is - are there some Characters that should not be used when doing multiselect?

    When I did a dymanic parameter this issue did not occur.


    Thank you for you always quick answers 

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  • Hi Anna Kröhnke ,

    Could you please write into in-product chat by clicking on the blue question mark on your Mode homepage and clicking "Chat with us"? It would be helpful if you could send us a link to your report once there. This will allow us to look further into this issue. Thanks!


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