How to parse DB specific SQL syntax

Point mode at Snowflake Computing DB, which supports IGNORE NULLS on LEAD/LAG functions, so I have

LEAD(a.utc_offset) IGNORE NULLS OVER (PARTITION BY a.customer_id, a.unit_id ORDER BY a.start_day)

which gets me this error message,

syntax error at or near "IGNORE"
  Position: 1773
        -- if no timezoe, get the from the "prior" days
        ,COALESCE(vd.utc_offset, LAG(vd.utc_offset) IGNORE NULLS OVER (PARTITION BY av.customer_id, av.unit_id ORDER BY ad.start_day)) AS utc_offset

but pasting the SQL into snowflake it run just fine, in fact the SQL I pasted into Mode was just out of their SQL editor..

So is there a way to markup SQL as valid and just pass it on to the destination server?

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  • Hey   Simeon Pilgrim thanks for reaching out! Could you possibly write into our in product chat (by clicking on the blue question mark and then contact us) so that we may assist you further? Thanks!!

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