Legacy Bar Charts and New Barcharts

Hello all, I did some time ago with a customer account a chart like this, using Legacy Charts


 This kind of charts were able to group the data in the chart.

Now, we have a new account and there is no more Legacy Charts, So I'm trying to do the same using the new charts (with the same query) and I can't do it since I can't find something for grouping in the chart like in the legacy version

Is there a way, without rewrite the query, to get the same behavior of the legacy chart with the new charts ?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Agustin Casiva thanks for asking this question.

    I also rely on the legacy charts to do event funnels as outlined here [Benn Stancil this is your amazing template :) ] : 

    It appears the 'new' form of bar charts do not support the HTML blocks that create the funnels. 

    Is there a way to flag our orgs for access to legacy charts? 

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  • Hi  Agustin Casiva ,


    Thanks for reaching out and providing those screenshots! That functionality exists in the new charts as well, with the wording being slightly different. Essentially, you want to put the series that you want to Group By in the "Color" dropdown instead. Let me know if this answers your question! 

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  • roberto salcido is not exactly the same behavior, the old chart was smart enough to aggregate the values in chart. In order to do it with the new charts I have to aggregate everything in the Query, I had to rewrite several queries for the migration :(

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  • Hi Varun Rishi ,


    For context, what Mode organization are you a member of? Thanks!

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  • roberto salcido Hi- I am a member of the NZXT org, previously was in the Forge org. Thanks!

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  • Hi Agustin Casiva ,

    I see. Let's walk through a simple example so that I can better understand why you are saying. Let's say you have a table called orders that lists all of the items purchased at three different vendors; walmart, target, and amazon. Let's say we are interested in the date of the order, the vendor name, and the sum of the item purchased, so we run a query such as select date, vendor, price from orders.

    With the legacy chart, if i wanted a bar chart that displayed the sum of the orders for vendor by day, I would put date as the x-axis, price as the y-axis, aggregate sum, group by vendor, and all series. With the new chart, I should be able to create basically the same chart by putting date as x-axis, sum(price) as y-axis, and vendor in color. Are you saying that you have found this not to be the case? If so, can you please provide a simple example where you noticed a discrepancy between the two charts? Thanks!

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  • Hi Varun Rishi ,

    Thanks for providing that info! I can look into this further. In case you are interested, it is also possible to create funnels using our new charts. You can read more about this here. Let me know if you have any further questions, thanks!

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