Need to create one parameter with reference of 2 columns


I need to create a parameter, in which I want to put two values, let's say A and B are the values, now A value will linked with column 1 and B value will linked with column 2. So that at dashboard, if I select value A in the parameter, I can see data of column A and same goes for B. Is it possible in Mode? If yes, please let me know.

Donna McGahan

Matthew Isanuk

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  • Hi Komal Chouhan ! This is certainly possible in Mode. The use case you're writing here should work since parameter values are used to replace certain texts of your query. You can use labels to map to each of those values like so:

    Main Query

    SELECT {{ Column }}
    FROM tutorial.city_populations 

    Standalone Query

    SELECT city,
    FROM tutorial.city_populations
    {% form %}
        type: select
        default: city
        options: [[Cities, city],
                  [States, state]]
    {% endform %}

    You can read more about common techniques here:

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