R package installation broken

Our team's Mode reports no longer permit us to install additional R packages. The reports contain code following the instructions here (https://mode.com/help/articles/notebook/#install-additional-libraries) to install the janitor package, but that code no longer runs:

install.packages("janitor", lib="/tmp/")
library("janitor", lib.loc="/tmp/")

Results in this error:

There was a problem running this cell

ERROR Error in readRDS(dest): unknown input format Error in readRDS(dest): unknown input format Traceback: 1. install.packages("janitor", lib = "/tmp/") 2. available.packages(contriburl = contriburl, method = method) 3. readRDS(dest)

Just trying to install the package results in this message:

 Has something changed in Mode such that packages can no longer be installed like this?

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  • Hi, Cecina Babich Morrow I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing some technical issues with installing packages in our R notebooks. If you are still having this issue, could you please write into our in-product chat via the blue question mark at top-right or you can send an email directly to success@modeanalytics.com. This will allow us to ask you additional questions to further troubleshoot this matter, thanks!

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