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I'm using the free version (it may be that in order to use R we need to use the paid version) of mode analytics as a trial basis to see if we would be able to make it work for the company. In familiarizing myself with the way mode works, I have been having trouble using the functionality of R. Whenever I write a SQL query and want to access it as an R dataframe, the only option given to me seems to be a Python notebook. I am more familiar with the framework of R, and I was wondering if there is some setting that I can get to in order to set the default to R. I tried going through the mode tutorials on how to make a histogram in R using mode reporting, but for some reason haven't been successful. Has anyone else had this same issue and does anyone know how to connect to R as opposed to Python as the default?

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  • Hi Joshua Barnes - thanks for writing in.

    Both Python and R are available to all free Mode Studio users. You can switch from Python to R in any report Notebook easily. 

    While editing a Notebook, look for the word "Python" in the upper right corner of the window (it's at the top of the sidebar that with the "Resources" and "Help" tabs). Click on "Python" and you'll see a drop down that allows you to switch your environment to R.

    Hope that helps - please do reach out to our success team via in-product chat or success@modeanalytics.com if we can be of further assistance. Thanks!

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  • Thank you! It didn't take too long to figure it out shortly after I posted this question, but thanks! It'll be useful for people like me in the future that can't find it.

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