Hide Total Column and Row on Pivot Table


Is there a way to hide or remove the grand total column and row in a pivot table?




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  • Hi Jasmin ,  We've had requests to allow the removal of that total row but we don't have that feature just yet.  I'll make sure we let you know when this feature becomes available!

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  • Donna Thanks for the information. Appreciate it!

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  • Donna McGahan  Is there any update on this yet ?

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  • Hi Jasmin Oraa / Rohan Verma - thanks for writing in. You cannot hide the total column or total row on Mode's built-in pivot tables. To achieve this flexibility, consider using a pivot table as a custom visualization:


    Once you've implemented the new pivot table in your report, you can hide the totals by following these steps:


    Hope that helps - please do reach out to our success team via in-product chat or success@modeanalytics.com if we can be of further assistance. Thanks!

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  • Jonathan Krangel Thanks Jonathan. I'm gonna try this.

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  • Jonathan Krangel Thanks, it worked! 🙂

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  • Glad to hear Jasmin Oraa

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  • From all the articles I read here, everyone seems unhappy with the pivot table charting options, or lack of. Some more flexibility to display tabular data is desperately needed IMO. 

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  • Jonathan Krangel your pivot table works great.  Two questions though:


    1 - It seems as though the default rounding is to two decimal points.  How do I change the rounding?

    2 - I am building a report and I'm trying to use several of these custom pivot tables.  The problem is they all get grouped at the bottom of my report after all of my text.  I can't write any text in between separate pivot tables.  The text is grouped at the top of the report and the pivot tables are grouped at the bottom after the text.

    I've tried using multiple divs but nothing is working.  Any advice?

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