Where the file goes to after dataframe.to_csv("file name.csv")

Where the file goes to after dataframe.to_csv("file name.csv")?

if it's not on my local machine, how I can download the python notebook output?

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  • Hi Huiyue !

    We've actually just implemented this in Python Notebook! You can export a pandas Dataframe to CSV by using the following code:

    import notebooksalamode as mode

    Using this code does a couple of things:

    1. In your Notebook, you'll see a button in the output cell associated with your executed code, which you can click to download the CSV
    2. The CSV is added to the bucket of files available for batch-export; you can grab all such exported DataFrames alongside the SQL results from your report

    Here's an example report that uses this code:

    Let us know how this works for you!

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  • Donna McGahan It works! Thanks a lot!

  • Where can we find more documentation on this feature? We need to export many CSV files from the same report but they all have the same name. We're looking for a way to change set the .csv name for the export. 

  • How to do this in R notebook?

  • It is possible to have something similar as an export to a table?

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