Using parameters with an embed

Hi, we are trying to embed mode reports that have parameters. We cannot figure out how to do either of the following that we will need to effectively use some reports:

* display parameters to the user in the embed widget

* retrieve parameters for a report from an API call

Are either of these possible?

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  • +1 to both of these requests.


    It would be great if the embedded iframe content had the parameter selection UI elements (just like a normal report view).


    The add-parameters-to-white-label-embeds article says "1. Create a way for users to select Parameters in your application." - This is tricky if you cannot programmatically obtain a list of parameters from the report definition; we would have to hard-code the params for every embedded report. If the mode report definition changed then we have to update the embed code as well.

  • +1.  It seems like parameters are supposed to be rendered outside the embed widget by design (so you could style them according to your container application).  Would be great to make available a native parameter widget that would render inside the embed widget itself

  • Thanks everyone for the question and replies. It sounds like there are two related but distinct things being discussed:

    Native / out-of-the box parameters widget for embeds - Nicholas DePrey Nicholas is correct in that the current way of implementing an embedded report with parameters requires the developer to create and style the parameter interface on their own. That said, I think having an easy way to generate this parameter form could be a huge win for our users. I've submitted this as a feature request to our product team.

    Programmatically generating a list of a report's parameters - This is something that is possible today, but it's not clear from our documentation. Greg Weber / Luke Sparkes  the high-level way to do this is as follows:

    1. Hit our API endpoint for the report in question ({{org_username}}/reports/{{report_token}}. In the JSON response, grab the last_successful_run_token.

    2. Now go to the report run endpoint for that specific report run ({{org_username}}/reports/{{report_token}}/runs/{{last_successful_run_token}}). You'll find all of the possible parameters, including metadata about them, in the form_fields object in the JSON response.

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  • Jonathan Krangel Hi, is this method still valid for dynamically generating data outside of the iframe embed? We are attempting to do the same thing - we have a dropdown which needs to present custom options before passing them along to Mode. Thanks.

  • I can confirm that this method still works.

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