Fixing Invalid Syntax for Timestamp in Uploading CSV

Mode is not recognizing my date and time fields as a Date/Time type when I'm uploading a CSV to the public warehouse. In Excel, they are both standard time and date formats. It will only let me upload these as a string. How can I make it recognize that it's date/time?

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  • Hey Noelle ! A Date/Time field must have at least a date, and optionally a time. This is why your session_time column isn't being recognized as such.

    As an alternative, you could concatenate your session_date and session_time columns into one, as such:

    11/19/18 10:58

    If you're using Excel, the Concatenate Function could come in handy here!

  • Nate Festinger That makes sense! Thank you!

    In that case, how can I record session duration? 

  • Hey Noelle Wiggins , can you clarify what you mean by "record session duration"?

    Are you wanting to calculate the duration of the session as an additional column in your table? In this case, you'd need both a starting date-time and an ending date-time to work with. Given those, you could use a function like DATEDIFF to calculate the difference between the two.

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