3 quick q's: dynamic parameters with all default, SQL custom functions, python dataframe output

Hi there, 3 quick functionality questions:

  1. I know how to make dynamic parameters. I know how to make 'all' as the default for text/select parameters. Can you do both at the same time: dynamic with an option for 'all'?
  2. Can you define custom SQL functions?
  3. I can see the example to use Python notebook to output visualizations. Can you output your dataframe as a query result (as would a SQL query) to use for Mode visualizations/pivot table? Can you output text formatted with python variables? Or just visualizations?
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  • I'd be interested in an answer to #1.

  • Hi maxkaplan / Max - thanks for writing in and apologies for the delayed response. I'll take each questions separately:

    1) You can make a dynamic multiselect parameter default to having all options selected. When you define the parameter, include the following property:

    default: all 

    You can see an example in action in this example report and more information can be found on our help site.

    2) Provided your database supports them and the account Mode uses to connect to your database has the appropriate permissions, you can create and use user defined functions in your database using Mode. Generally speaking, Mode will execute any valid code that you write against your database.

    3) At this time you cannot use the built-in drag-and-drop data tables or charts to build visualizations on top of data frames from the Python/R notebook. However, you can use any of the supported Python/R libraries to build visualizations on top of that data and include the results of any output cell in your report. To include customized text with Python results, you can define that text in Python and log it to an output cell.

    Hope these answers help. Please don't hesitate to write in to our in-product chat to speak with one of our Customer Success engineers if you have any additional questions.

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