Connecting to ClickHouse

Hello guys, 

Has anyone tried connecting Mode to ClickHouse as a data source? Is it even possible?

For those who are not in the know, ClickHouse is an open source columnar database which is very fast ( 

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  • Sergey , Mode doesn't have a connector for ClickHouse at the moment.  I'd be happy to file a feature request for this if you'd like.  Here are the databases currently supported by Mode:

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  • Hello Donna ,

    Does it have some kind of generic ODBC connector?

  • Actually Mode uses JDBC and I'm sorry we don't have a generic driver.

  • Filing a feature request would be nice, thanks!

    To make sure I understand you correctly -- Mode does not have a generic ODBC connector, thus it is possible to connect only to the explicitly supported data sources, right?

  • Mode uses JDBC not ODBC and you are correct we do not have a generic driver.  We have specific connectors for specific data sources.  I've filed a feature request for a Clickhouse connector.  We'll let you know if and when we add this connector.  Thanks!

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  • Donna Thank you!  In the meantime I might have to explore other solutions.

  • Hello there,
    I'm also very interested in having this feature. Donna McGahan is there any news on this, or any plan to implement this connector? Thanks in advance for your reply. Cheers

  • Jose Rolland Hey Jose! No news at this time, but I did go ahead and add your vote to the conversation as well. We will reach out if we are able to implement this in a future release.

  • hello! Just seeing if there was a follow-up to this! Thanks! :) 

  • Hi, Ray Nakada Clickhouse is still not supported nor do we have any updates at the moment. Happy to relay your urgency to the feature request! We will reach out if we are able to implement this in a future release. In the meantime, here are the databases currently supported by Mode

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