R integration possible?

Hello there, I really like the Python notebook integration within Mode and would love to see an R integration as well. Is this something that is in the pipeline? Given how R is gaining popularity in the data science/analytics field and how a lot of analyses and stats tasks are easier to perform in R, I think it would be a great addition!

With an R integration, I think Mode would become a much more elegant solution than setting up something like a Shiny server: A centralized place to analyze data, prepare reproducible reports, and build dashboards using SQL, Python and R. Wouldn't that be lovely!

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  • Hi Bill! 

    As one of our most popular feature requests, R integration is definitely something we are considering and in the early phases of research. We don't have a timeline for this, but we'll be sure to reach out if it becomes available in Mode!

    Quick question, would you like to use R in a notebook similar to the Python Notebook, or would you like a different style editor for development? Thank you! 

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  • Jennifer Chu Thanks for the response, Jen! Excited to hear this is in consideration! I think just an implementation like the current Python notebook one would be great. In addition, what makes R really great is the breadth of its packages that are available for use, so it would be awesome if we could install packages as needed for various analyses.

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  • Agree with Bill on this. R functionality will be a lot better if there are access to the main R packages, especially those in the tidyverse: http://tidyverse.org/ .

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  • R integration will be awesome! Have used R with Tableau in the past, and it elevated the overall capability of the tool (btw, I like the Python integration in Mode)

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  • R integration would make dashboard creation much easier! I have wanted to add certain graphs and metrics to dashboards in the past but have been unable to do so using SQL or Python and always wished there was an option to use R

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  • Hi, echoing thoughts of everyone above, R integration in Mode would be a huge lift! I regularly split my work between Mode and RStudio. It would be awesome if Mode supports R to streamline my work to one place. 

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  • Jennifer Chu Any sense of when this may become available?

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  • Hi Lucas , We don't have an ETA on this feature yet but I'll make sure we post it in the forum if and when it becomes available.  Thanks!

  • Hi everyone - thanks for writing in.

    A couple months ago, Mode released support for R inside the integrated notebook environment. Anyone with access to Mode has access to this new environment. Enjoy!

    More info: https://blog.modeanalytics.com/announcing-mode-studio-and-r/

    Documentation: https://help.modeanalytics.com/articles/notebook/#overview

  • Here is a relating function request: is it possible to integrate RStudio, or let RStudio connect the remote Server on Mode? I think the user experience will be much better than the current solution.

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