Data visualizations randomly cut off

I've been having an ongoing issue with Mode where data visualizations randomly get cut off when I export a dashboard to email. Everything will look great in the Mode app, but as soon as I export it, things get borked up. It also doesn't happen all the time -- I ran the same report with the exact same parameters at different times today, and one was fine while the other was cut off. These examples are attached (I've hidden or removed some labels for security reasons but I think you should still be able to get the gist).

Any idea why this is happening? 

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  • Hi Devon Walsh ,

    Sorry for the delay. That bug pertaining to the PDF cutoff is still persisting. Depending on the format of your charts, some users have gone in and rotated the x-axis to fit the data. I'm sorry this continues to be an inconvenience. We do have a fix in the works and it should be available in the near future. 

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  • I've noticed this in particular with horizontal bar charts.  I did a screen cap for the first one (blocked out domains); the PDF export is completely missing those labels.  This is a serious blocker for things I'm doing here.

  • Hey there  Devon Walsh

    Yikes. Thanks for sharing. This is something that, as Jon mentioned, we are actively working on right now. (The PDF cutoff bug.) 

    Additionally, there is a fairly straightforward override available in highcharts where you can take advantage of our HTML editor to pick out the charts you wish to apply your own settings for. In terms of forcing axis labels up - there is some potential configuration for that available in the second link. 

    This is, of course, only a potential workaround while we work on destroying this bug that you've been seeing. Again, very sorry for the delay in your workflow! 

  • I'm also seeing my graphs cutoff on the pdfs. Is this an ongoing issue?

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