Varying Intensity for Geographic Heatmaps?

It seems that geographic heatmaps ( ) don't currently account for the number of records for a specific latitude or longitude- ideally the intensity would vary with the number records for a given set of coordinates.


Context: Trying to get a heatmap for our users location using Zip coordinates. Currently no way to account for how densely populated they are.

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  • Workaround solution for any future viewers:

    You can vary the lat/long coordinates by adding a random() number to the coordinates (divided by 10, 100, or my preference 1000 to avoid swinging the coordinates too much), then reduce dot size to get a better picture.

    Still looking to see if there's a way to add numeric values to dots.

  • Hey Justin Mulvaney ! I'm afraid there isn't an immediate solution to adding numeric values to the dots on geographic heat map. You might be able to use our zipcode choropleth map example to achieve what you want though: . Let me know if you have questions about this!

  • Hey  Leqi Long ! Appreciate the update. I tried the choropleth map-- it seems that's restricted a national view at the moment. Are you able to zoom into specific areas, for example the NYC metro area?

  • Hi Justin Mulvaney ,

    Specific area zoom functionality is not currently available for our zip code choropleth maps. Sorry about that! However, I am happy to add this functionality as a feature request. Let me know if you have any further questions at all!

  • roberto salcido  

    Zoom functionality would be extremely helpful. It is possible to get this feature in the near future?

  • Michael Brockhoff , thanks for your feedback! I've gone ahead and added your voice to this request. I'm not sure if our Product Team will decide to move forward with this, but we'll be sure to keep you updated with any progress!

  • Any update on adding zooming for the zip code choropleth map?

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