Schedule a monthly report to run and send, with varying time frames


I have a report that I pull and send to a client near the end of every month, with data from the previous 28-30 days. I would like to automate this, but the time frame the client needs is inconsistent. Some months, the cutoff date is the 29th, some months the 30th, others the 1st of the next month. Is there a way to set a schedule in advance (I have all dates through the end of 2020) that can incorporate varying time frames? Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey Aaron! 

    Setting up schedules to run on a specific date (as opposed to running on a recurring timeframe)  is not currently available in the Mode UI. However, this has been requested before by other users. 

    I'm going to add your vote to the count and we'll reach back out if we're able to add this in a future Mode release. 

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