Relative date filter in chart builder

Request: allow users to filter on a relative date i.e. last x weeks or months. It's honestly surprising that this was not built into the chart builder from day one. 

Hardcoding relative dates in SQL is tedious and precludes the ability to build multiple charts with different date ranges from the same query. So it forces you to duplicate the query (which is bad because DRY) or to use the chart builder every time you want to change the date range, which is bad for scheduled reports (which can run and be sent to other users before you get a chance to update the chart). 

Currently, if I want to show the last 3 months of data I have to find every chart that applies, open the chart builder, and click the boxes every new month. This is also problematic because the "filter by month" only shows the month number and not the year - so if I click January, I'm also getting previous January's results which is not what I intended. 

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  • Hi Austin, thank you for submitting the request! Sorry this is at the moment not possible to do on date filters. I can definitely understand why this can be handy, though! As with all suggestions of this sort, I'm going to go ahead and submit it as a feature request with our dedicated engineering teams. We'll make sure to spread the word if we're able to implement it in a future release. Thank you for using Mode! Let me know if you have any other questions at all!

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